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Oakland, California, United States · Coaching Team


Moneythink is a national technology nonprofit focused on reducing the financial barriers to college success. Our technology-enabled coaching program help students through complex and important financial decisions, empowering them to arrive at a supportive post-secondary institution, with the resources needed so they can focus on the path to academic and economic success. Founded in 2008 as a student volunteer initiative to its growth as a national organization, Moneythink has been recognized as a pioneer in the development of technology solutions, including receiving the White House Champions of Change award by President Obama. With a new CEO in place, an entrepreneurial and dedicated team, and disruptive model, Moneythink is poised and excited for ambitious growth. We envision an equitable future in which all students have the opportunity to complete an affordable postsecondary education. The American higher education system is broken: only 12% of low-income youth successfully obtain a bachelor’s degree in their lifetime and 70% of those who drop out before graduating cite financial stress as the major cause. Leveraging our human-centered-design approach, our organization provides guidance to under-resourced youth throughout the senior year of high school. We help students maximize financial aid, find an affordable and supportive college, and make a responsible plan to pay for school. Our program outcomes are reduced financial stress and increased college persistence and graduation, with the ultimate purpose of supporting students’ attainment of meaningful education, productive careers, and fulfilling lives.

Moneythink is an exciting juncture having just reached our first decade of impact as we begin our next decade of game-changing work. We strive for a culture that’s authentic, inclusive, and supportive of constant growth. We’re always learning from our students, from each other, and from the world to improve our effectiveness and advance our field. We move fast and build things -- this may not be like other nonprofits you’ve seen before!

About the Position

Coaches provide one-on-one, text-message-based guidance to students. You’ll utilize our growing knowledge and unique tech tools to develop relationships that lead to measurable impacts for hundreds, and soon thousands, of students. You’ll help students make progress toward college success every day. Likewise, you will provide a critical feedback loop into our iterative product design as you will inform what works and what needs greater attention.

As a coach at Moneythink, you’ll be in a one-of-a-kind position -- you will be part motivator, part product influencer, part financial aid expert, part financial advisor, and part behavioral scientist. A typical day might look like this: First thing in the morning you check the inbox for any urgent messages from students and then review your data dashboard in order to start planning who to reach out to that day. You check in with the coaching team to talk about your individual and team daily goals. You then spend the next couple hours crafting conversations with students and updating your student records. At one point, you wait on hold for 15 minutes when you call a school’s Financial Aid Office to find out about a student deadline -- but you eventually get an answer and can help your student. At the end of the day, you spend some time writing a guide that helps students cut their textbook costs.

As a part of a growing organization, you’ll partner with our product development team to constantly develop better student-facing software and coach-supporting tools that make us more effective and empower us to scale. Overall, you’ll help accelerate the national movement for college affordability and equal access to opportunity.




Location: The Oakland office (where this role is based) is in a co-located space that offers coffee, snacks, a rooftop garden, and easy access to the 19th Street BART Station

Benefits: Health, dental, and retirement benefits (and get to collaborate with a fun, motivated team!)

Start Date: Late May / early June is highly preferred

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